Man Arrested For Collecting Rainwater In Order To Survive on Deserted Island

A California man by the name of Sal O. Suarez was arrested today after admitting to authorities that he used rain water in order to survive while deserted on an island located west of Los Angeles.



After washing to shore late last week, Mr. Suarez recounted his ordeal to reporters shortly after leaving the hospital.

I was surfing the waves and then all of a sudden BAM! I was hit by something and the next thing I knew I woke up on a deserted island. My only way of surviving was to create an intricate rainwater collection system in order to re-hydrate before attempting to swim back” ~ Sal O. Suarez

Anonymous sources tell us that based on his official statement to the Los Angeles Police Department, he will be charged with unlawful collection of rainwater. Suarez was booked and taken into police custody without resisting earlier today on June 8th 2018. His hearing will not be for a number of weeks, and we will keep you updated as more news develops.


~ C. J. Strong


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