President Trump and North Korea Leader Kim Jong-Un War In Singapore

Reports are flooding in over the controversial meeting between U.S President Donald J. Trump and North Korea Leader Kim Jong-Un.

automatic weapon bullet camouflage close up

Sources today say that during the meeting, President Trump pulled a deck of playing cards from his shirt pocket and the two leaders began playing a game of war. For those unfamiliar with the game, each player starts with half a deck of cards and they flip the top card each at the same time, whoever has the higher rank adds both cards to the bottom of their deck. If by chance both cards are the same rank then it is War! Both players are to play the top two cards of their deck one flipped face down and the other face up. Whoever has the highest rank then, wins, if it is a draw yet again then the war continues. The player who runs out of cards first loses.

It is reported that President Trump won the vast majority of the wars, until Kim Jong-Un attempted to cheat in the game by taking cards from a new deck. The fallout for such actions was quite dire, as Trump accused Un of cheating and that he automatically lost. Un admitted he had cheated but asked for one more war to decide it all. All experts weighed in as Trump consulted with his team. Though he was the heavy favorite, President Trump was reluctant to play again. In the end he did and beat Kim Jong-Un in the rematch of War and the meeting came to an end.


~ C. J. Strong


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