Neighbors Argument Spark Political Debate

man and woman wearing brown leather jackets

Self-proclaimed right-wing liberal Fidel Washington and conservative democrat Hillary Mussolini have been neighbors for years, but what set them off against one another may shock you…

SatireSources reports that it was just another day in sunny side Gainesville, Georgia when Mr. Washington pulled up to his house. He waved to his neighbor Hillary who was watering her yard at the time and she waved back. Reports say that just before Fidel went inside to his home he spotted something out of the ordinary. It was a chicken that had somehow made its way into the middle of the road.

There it was, right on the corner of our street. I tried to run out there before it got hit by a car but by that time it was too late, it had already crossed the road.” ~ Fidel Washington

Fidel was not the only one to notice this development however, and his neighbor was quick to respond. According to sources, Ms. Mussolini asked Washington the age old question to which he could not answer. This reportedly caused much debate within the neighborhood as others came from their houses seeking a response. Police were eventually called to the scene and they too were puzzled by the dilemma. As more news develops, updates are sure to follow.


~ C. J. Strong


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