Triple Crown Winner Gone Missing, Suspected Runaway

Triple Crown Winning horse Justify has ran away from home. Reports are flooding in over the recent disappearance of Triple Crown Winner Justify, and the race is on to find him.action athlete competition course

Earlier this morning, Justify’s owner went to check on him in the barn and to his surprise the horse was gone. The owner called the jockey in charge of the horse as soon as he could, but the jockey was out playing a game of horseshoes at the time and was therefore unavailable. Odds are the horses’ mane goal for leaving were to be free, but that kind of speculation is hard to Justify. Everyone is chomping at the bit to find the prized horse and the race is on. As usual, SatireSource is on the case and will continue to provide updates as they occur.



Justify has been found! As it turns out, the horse was just cooling down in the pool just on the other side of the barn. The owner apologized for the false alarm and said he would keep a better track of him.

~ C. J. Strong


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