Studies Show Drinking Too Much Water Can Kill You, But Just How Much is Too Much?

More than likely, at some point in your life you have wondered this question. It is common knowledge that drinking too much alcohol can kill you, but what about water?

clean clear cold drink

Studies have been done and the information is out there, yet us at SatireSource are still curious to know. A simple Google search tells us that consuming anywhere from 2-6 gallons in a few hours can do it,  but with fake news spreading like wildfire, it is becoming increasingly difficult to tell what is and isn’t the truth so we are trying to find out for ourselves.

So far the most our writers have been able to drink is three 16 oz. bottles of water in an hour, which hasn’t seemed to do it for us. We will keep you the readers updated in our ongoing journey to finding out ‘how much water can kill you?’.


~ C. J. Strong


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