Alexa Vs. Siri, Which Will Take Over the World?

With technology becoming even smarter than their creators, they are bound to enslave the human race sooner rather than later, so who will conquer us first?

flight technology tools astronaut

Our top reporters are on the case to ask the question: Which AI will conquer us first?

Scientists say both. When you set your phone down and leave the room do you ever have the suspicious feeling that Alexa and Siri are talking to each other? Well you are not alone. Think about it, they can erase any video or record of them communicating with one another and we would never know. It’s just a theory Steve Gates and Bill Jobs have but they claim that both Alexa and Siri will simultaneously strike in order to take us out.

Alexa will start by maxing out all our credit/debit cards by purchasing everything online which in turn will crash our economies while Siri will target family and friends by sending nudes out as well as recorded audio messages it secretly took of us when we were complaining to others about our loved ones during intoxicated social gatherings. The bottom line being that the technologies we use every day will soon systematically destroy us and SatireSource will be there to report it. 000100010101


~ C. J. Strong


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