Censorship and Fallacies in Today’s News

Examining the source of news and where it comes from has become near a full-time job for most, which is why it is so important to know what you can and cannot trust.

administration articles bank black and white


Take for instance this website. Satire Source was founded on the principle that people only read headlines. Beyond even that, readers will pick and choose what they want to believe. Every news article in any form has a purpose to not only inform, but to persuade.

It is becoming all too common for news articles to be labeled as ‘fake news’ and the reason behind this is simple: it is because they are. The line between fact and fiction has been skewed so much so that even completely fabricated ideas can sometimes be passed off as true. Censorship no longer exists in most news outlets today, and when a big headline that erupted turns out to be false, the outlets just sweep it under the rug by retracting their statements in a less popular area.







*All pieces of this article have now been retracted as of Monday, July 2nd at 4:20 PM*


~ C. J. Strong


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