‘The Purge’ To Become a Real Policy Under Trump Administration

President Trump has shocked the world yet again as he signs an executive order to legally allow an annual purge-like day to occur later this year.


Fourth of July Independence Day is typically a day of celebration, but many instead of celebrating are glued to their T.V. screens as President Trump indoctrinates a real-life purge to take place November 6th. Not only is this a controversial policy to many but so is the date. Many have come out in droves to support the new law yet are requesting it fall on a different day as November 6th is when the midterms will take place. Others, particularly the left, have protested that if the actual Purge movies have taught us anything it is that it is morally unjust and people will die. Conservatives claim that the only reasons why the left is so against such a thing is because Donald Trump is the one who thought of the idea, and because they have less guns than the right do.

Regardless of the outcome or your stance on the issue, the midterms will be an eventful day in U.S history and we will be there to report on it. As always stay safe out there and happy Fourth of July!


~ C. J. Strong


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