Does Life Exist Outside the Use of Our Smartphones?

New studies suggest that social media is making us anti-social in the real world.

three person holding smartphones

With thumbs pressed against our phones and eyes locked in on the screen, more and more individuals are losing their ability to interact in real life. Instead of talking to someone, people are finding it more enjoyable to text each other. Not only that, but our attention spans are becoming even less as we grow accustomed to having things happen instantaneously at our finger tips.

Our feelings of joy, happiness, anger, and sadness are all being influenced by technology as well. No longer are we reacting as we should when we witness horrible and great things because we have become so immune to seeing videos of them on our phone. Hearing news of someone passing away or a tragedy happen can easily be cured by watching a funny or cute animal video. Studies show that the more time you spend on your phone each day the more likely you are to become a nihilist.


~ C. J. Strong


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