Dad-Bods Are Becoming the New Hot Thing This Summer

Baby-bellies are leading to beer-bellies now more than ever, but is that necessarily a bad thing?

adult affection baby belly

Women tend to feel a lot of pressure to get back into shape after having a child, but while they are out trying to better themselves dads are often left to drink and take care of the kid. Not all dad-bods have a beer-belly just like not all mothers with stretch marks have a scar.

The popular new craze is to destroy these types of stigmas by accepting parents and non-parents bodies for how they are. Everyone talks about getting in shape, but it is often overlooked that being round is still a shape. Dad-bods are the new hit thing so relax, crack a few cold ones open with the boys and don’t worry so much if you skip leg-day (or abs-day for that matter).


~ C. J. Strong


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