Is Global Warming Real?

The cold hard truth behind a chilling controversy.

down angle photography of red clouds and blue sky

Yes, and so is Global Cooling. Both extremes occur naturally over periods of time. When such events happen, we call it Climate Change. Although emissions from humans do need to be controlled, their effects on Climate Change are minuscule at best. Climate Change has occurred since the birth of this planet and will continue until its destruction and the idea that humans are to blame for ranges in temperature is false.

Former Vice-President Al Gore helped create the environmental movement in the early 2000s by founding a company which would keep track of other companies carbon footprint. If one industrial company had more emissions than another then Al Gore’s company could serve as a middle man by evening out the carbon footprint, for a price of course. The money was supposedly used to plant more trees and prevent Global Warming, but was also invested for scientists to further investigate human’s involvement in the climate.

If you are a scientist seeking to conduct experiments in order to prove Global Warming/Climate Change you are given a near limitless budget, but if you seek to disprove it in any way you are provided with next to nothing. Therefore, the deck is stacked against any who disagree with the scam that is Global Warming. Furthermore, if you openly deny the existence of man-made Climate Change then you are looked down upon as a non-believer of science.


Stay classy fellow conspirators,

~ C. J. Strong


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