Discovery Channel To Kick-Off Shark Week By Feeding the Cast of Shark Tank to Sharks

Shark Week is often the biggest ratings event of the year for Discovery Channel, and this year it is sure to be even more eventful than before.

selective photo of gray shark

As a publicity stunt, the entire cast of the show Shark Tank (minus Mark Cuban who has prior obligations) will be fed to dangerous wild sharks. Mr. Wonderful will no longer be wonderful anymore after he is devoured on live TV, nor will Robert or Lori.

The event will be held as a competition with all cast members being dropped down into a tank full of sharks with only one single ladder to climb as a way out. The first person to successfully climb out of the tank and yell “I’m out!” will escape with their life. Once the winner is safe, the tank will close and the rest of the cast will be left to their fate. Be sure to tune it to this momentous event Sunday July 22, only on the Discovery Channel.


~ C. J. Strong


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