AMERICA F***S! Why America is the Best

F*** Yeah

woman women united states of america flag

Gotta love them Americans. Those that are truly proud to be an American will let it be known to you (if you couldn’t already tell from their red, white and blue attire, eardrum bursting “YEEHAW’s”, and atmosphere destroying pick-up trucks). What is it that those types of Americans see that the other type just doesn’t get?  Why is America the best? Is it the freedom? Is it the football? No, America is the best because we F***.


Let me elaborate.

We have all heard what sorts of things America is bad at for a developed country. We have low test scores, bad health care and corrupt politicians, but you know what we’re the best at? Confidence. Confidence and guns. Now you know who it is that f***s? Those with confidence. Those with big ‘ol guns. America. Our general population doesn’t even pay attention to global news. I mean, why would we? We’re too busy F***ING! Too busy being F***ING AMERICA!

~ J.J. Williams


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