New Technology Allows 3D Printing of Human Organs

The 3D printing of human organs seems like a good idea, but what they are being used for may surprise you.

adult ambulance care clinic

Instead of cloning organs to save lives, organs are being created by science for food. Sure, the medical field could use them, but instead they are being manufactured in order to help stop world hunger. The ends justify the means and although there are easier things to create and tastier items to eat, world hunger is more important than saving a few people on a donor transplant list. The organs aren’t being eaten by starving children in Africa, but by rich people here in America. Who wouldn’t want to eat a human heart for dinner every once in awhile? And by doing so, you are consuming something man-made which stops us from overeating the natural foods that are out there which in turn leaves more food for the poor. The argument is not without its flaws, but who are we to question what scientists and rich people do.


~ C. J. Strong


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