First Dinosaur Brought Back to Life is Immediately Offended

Scientists were surprised by the first dinosaur they brought back, and it’s not for the reason you might think.


dinosaur statue

Apparently there was a lot more to the dinosaurs than was originally thought by scientists. Dinosaurs had cultures just as complex as humans, complete with philosophy, art and science. The machine that brought the dinosaur back to life that was thought to be a breakthrough in technology and science, actually ended up being a mistake in sociological progression. When scientists revived the tyrannosaurus they were in for a surprise.

“Our first mistake was naming it Rex, it did not take kindly to that,” states Bill, a scientist in the research laboratory, “it found it very demeaning. It started calling us things like Humey and Manny. We didn’t have the guts to tell it that Manny was already a name…”

Steve (the name the dinosaur came up with for itself) was not happy with the representation of dinosaur kind in the human culture. It found the whole thing very “specie-ist”.

“Why is it that the dinosaur is often represented as the bad guy?” Steve went on, “None of the sophistication from the Jurassic era can be found anywhere in your films or media. Also, when we are represented as on the good side, we are as dumb as a rock!”

Steve brought up some very good points. Maybe us humans need to start thinking of the other species once in awhile.

“Also, I was greeted by humans wearing protective gear and wielding weapons? As if I would even eat them. I don’t eat humans forced to do science. I’m not a savage, I only eat free range humans.”




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