State Records Dad Going “Wee-woo-wee-woo” for New, Less Aggressive, Police Sirens

Finally something for the people

auto automobile blur buildings


It is just so hard to be a citizen in the times we are living in. All this responsibility on “choosing who should be president” and “finding a job” are just a couple of the things the government refuses to take care of for us. On top of that, the world is just scary. Around every corner is a potential murderer or arsonist, not to mention, all of the diseases!

Well it seems as if the government is finally looking out for the little guy. A new siren has been proposed to be added to police cars in order to be less frightening to the general public. The normal wailing that would be heard by a passing police vehicle will be replaced by a more soothing, yet still authoritative, dad voice going “wee-woo-wee-woo”.

“We just don’t want the general populace to be scared of our presence,” states police chief Johnny Jensen “We figure this new version will make us seem more welcoming.”

They will start replacing regular sirens in the coming months.

~ J.J. Williams


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