New Petition to Change the Spelling of ‘you’ to ‘u’

Everyone texts using short-hand abbreviations, but a new petition is making the rounds to formally adopt texting slang into the English vocabulary.

alphabet close up communication conceptual

In order to save time and energy, slang words such as ‘u’ and ‘r’ will now be added as real words of the English language. Once added, they will be used even in professional environments such as e-mails, news articles, and even legal documents. This is reportedly just the first phase in the agenda to abolish grammatically correct words and instead replace them with slang. Soon phrases such as ‘wtf’, ‘lmao’, and ‘gtfo’ will be added to dictionaries. The entire English language is changing, yet whether it is evolving into something better or worse is still to be decided.


~ C. J. Strong


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