Greatest Actor That Ever Lived Turns 71 Years-Old

Happy birthday former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. In honor of this greatest of men, I have compiled my own personal list of top Arnold classics.

© 2017 Mario Pena

#1: Commando

Filled with one-liners galore and nonstop action, Commando sits atop my list as the single-greatest Arnold film, though others are comparatively very close.

#2: Predator

An all-star classic which stars not one but two future governors in the movie. Arnold, Jessie Ventura, Carl Weathers, and several other stars take on one of the most iconic creatures in cinema history.

#3: Terminator 2

“Come with me if you want to live” says it all in this epic sci-fi classic. Don’t get me wrong the first movie was great, but Arnold coming back to defend humanities last hope against an unstoppable updated Terminator model is badass. Not to mention the shotgun, shades, and motorcycle that Arnold acquires from a fat guy at a bar.

#4: Last Action Hero

The epitome of what any action movie should be, this film is near perfect with its sheer awesomeness and fourth-wall-breaking humor. The entire concept is unique and I highly encourage you to check it out if you haven’t already. It also showcases a trailer for a movie within the movie that never was never actually made, but would have been incredibly cool if it was where Arnold plays Hamlet. “To be, or not to be? ….Not to be!”

#5: True Lies

The best romantic-action film out there, Arnold and Jamie Lee Curtis make an interesting couple. Tom Arnold and the late Bill Paxton are both great in the movie and add a lot of humor to go along with the action. Arnold taking a horse up an elevator to a sky scraper, flying a jet airplane, and being injected with truth-syrum are just some of the eventful things that happen in this thrill ride of a motion picture.

Honorable Mentions: The Running Man, Kindergarten Cop

Either of these two films definitely could have made the list, in fact if I were to re-watch them all the order of how I ranked them may even change because they’re all so good. It really just depends on what you like in a movie, but make no mistake every single one of these Arnold classics are fantastic near 10/10 films. If you haven’t seen any of the movies listed, I highly encourage you to watch them.


P. S. Total RecallConan the Barbarian, Twins, and Eraser are pretty spectacular as well.


~ C. J. Strong


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