Annual Sturgis Biking Event Likely To Be Canceled

Due to new carbon emissions laws, the event in which hundreds of thousands of motorcycles travel from all parts of the country to South Dakota will no longer be happening.

man wearing black leather jacket riding cruiser motorcycle on road

The news comes just after President Trump himself announced that he would be attending the event. In his absence, Congress passed a law which forbid the gatherings of more than one-hundred motorcycles at any given place at any time. The law singled-out this type of vehicle after research showed that they account for ‘a lot’ of emissions. Scientists wouldn’t inform the public how much ‘a lot’ was but we can safely assume that is more than ‘a little’. Thousands upon thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts are outraged, and rightfully so as the law seemed to be passed just out of spite against the President of the United States.


~ C. J. Strong


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