Ancient Aerial Technology Discovered in Cave Paintings

What have those cavemen come up with now.


Some very exciting discoveries have just been made in the fields of ancient technology through a new cave painting dug up in Mesopotamia. Scientist are still in debate as to what the cave paintings mean, but it is clear that it has something to do with an ancient form of aerial technology, way before the Wright Brothers and their pretentious planes.

There is the possibility that it could be some form of alien civilization that visited our early ancestors before the cavemen had the capability to record what they were seeing. But, like any good human civilization, they quickly took to mass sharing anything interesting until it gets beat into the ground. Without our modern cameras though, they found the only way to transcribe the rocket-ship-like vehicle for future generations was to scribble it all over the cave walls.

Archaeologists of the site theorize that it may have been used as a hunting tactic. The team describes the object as having an aggressive energy, possibly from its erect shape. The neanderthals could have used the aerial vehicle to corral their prey into a better position, although, they highly doubt that the vehicles were used like airplanes, but probably something more akin to kites, to scare the herds into a better position.

All theories aside, we here at the Satire Source would like you to decide. What do you think this mysterious aerial shape could have been?

cave painted

~ J.J. Williams


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