Petition To Add More Hours To the Day

A new petition is making its rounds, asking people to sign so that we can change the calendar year in order to provide more hours to the normal 24-hour cycle we call a day.

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If we were to add more hours to the day, then we would have less days in the year and less months but ideally more time could be spent doing productive things. Every single person already sleeps anywhere from six to twelve hours in a single day which is one fourth to half of that day. Everyone needs their sleep, so cutting back is out of the question, but adding more hours to each day seems like an easy solution. We would then be able to spend more hours working, eating, or even sleeping. It would take some adjustments and the seasons may come on different dates, but in the end change is never easy. Will you sign the petition? Comment below and share what you think.


~ C. J. Strong


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