LGBTTQQIAAP Community to Add ‘Necrophilia’ to List

When will the list stop, or does this give possible opportunities for even more sexual orientations to join?

boy wearing white shirt with iridescent hair color infront of flag

As the community grows, more obscure sexualities seek to join. Pedophiliacs have been shot down numerous times, but after ruling that ‘Necrophiliacs cannot help themselves’, the sexuality was added to the list. For the readers who do not know, Necrophilia is the act of sexual intercourse or attraction to a corpse. The act is illegal in almost all of the United States, but just like sodomy, laws can change.

Although LGBT… is a minority group now, with enough recruitment and enough letters in the alphabet, the ‘family’ may slowly take over. Hide your kids, hide your family members, lock them in closets if you have to for they are coming.


~ C. J. Strong


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