Gene Editing Scientists Soon to Release Earthmelon, Firemelon, and Airmelon

What are melon?

sliced watermelon lot


Long ago the four melons grew in harmony, then everything changed when the firemelon attacked. Or at least that’s what the scientists at Harvards produce department state. By attack they mean an invasive form of growth that stole essential nutrients from the other melons, causing an extinction of all melons except for the modern watermelon that we know of today.

These are exciting times in the melon department. From what the scientists have explained much like how the watermelon is full of delicious watery juice the other melons will be filled with juice with a quality of their element, they also let me try a few bites. I recommend not eating the firemelons. You can achieve the same taste of the earthmelon if you just drop a slice of watermelon on the ground and don’t wash it off afterwords. The airmelons seem okay, but they feel like they’re missing something.

~J.J. Williams


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